LGBTIQ+ Student Support

Ally Program

Supporting student diversity at CQUniversity

CQUni is dedicated to creating a safe and supportive atmosphere for all students with a zero tolerance approach to bullying and discrimination.  As part of this, we have the CQUni Ally Program which aims to promote acceptance and understanding for the LGBTIQ+ community (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, queer/questioning and others). The Ally program is for ALL students, whether you identify as LGBTIQ+ or not.

There is an Ally Network on Moodle as a connection point for any student who would like to be involved, with resources, links, and forums. It is a place for students to access support and get in contact with an Ally.

This is also the place where students who want to become trained as Allies can do so.

We join many other universities around Australia in having an Ally Program and making CQUniversity a welcoming place for all.

What is an Ally?
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Find an Ally
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Become An Ally
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