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Vol. 10, No. 1 (September, 2014)
 refereed articles
A conceptual framework on establishing a risk management framework within existing university assessment and evaluation practices Fernando F. Padro PDF
The student experience at risk? Measurement and enhancement of student experience in private tertiary education Chenicheri Sid Nair and Mahsood Shah PDF
The participation of students in TEQSA reviews Chenicheri Sid Nair, Mahsood Shah and Anthony Morison PDF
Does mass-franchising of university programs interfere with achieving higher education expectations? Samanthala J Hettihewa and Christopher S. Wright PDF



Vol. 9, No. 1 (May, 2012)

 embedding an internal evaluation culture (aheef 2012)

A case study of embedding a culture of self-review and evaluation using evaluative conversations at Otago Polytechnic Stuart Terry and Glenice Mayo PDF
Engineering education quality enhancement: A case study at the School level in the University Arun Patil, Chenicheri (Sid) Nair, Jo Miller, Amanullah Maung Than Oo, Patrick Keleher and Fae Martin PDF
Embedding an internal evaluation culture: Critical issues for consideration from an innovative model Fay Patel PDF
REFRAME: a new approach to evaluation in higher education Lyn Alderman and Larissa Melanie PDF
Internal evaluation systems and the creation of a peerless bureaucracy Simon Burgess PDF
Does the timing of evaluations matter? An investigation into online student feedback and whether timing has an impact Julie-Ann Pegden and Beatrice Tucker PDF
Student surveys and feedback: Strategic solution for all tertiary education institutions Mahsood Shah and Chenicheri Sid Nair PDF
Intentionally (or not) ignored: Engaging transnational students in surveys and feedback Mahsood Shah, Chenicheri Sid Nair and Barbara de la Harpe PDF
Tertiary education quality perceptions in developed countries, during and after a half-century of internal evaluations Samanthala Hettihewa and Christopher S Wright PDF
Embedding a robust evaluative culture through policy review Sara Booth, Cassandra Saunders and Yang Yang PDF
Using Rubrics to assist teachers to embed evaluation feedback in the development of their teaching and learning Trudy Harris, Dorothy Spiller, Michele Schoenberger-Orgad and Cheryl Cockburn-Wootten PDF
Achieving high student evaluation of teaching response rates through a culture of academic-student collaboration Diana Knight, Vishen Naidu and Shelley Kinash PDF
Student evaluations of teaching: The students' perspective Trudy Harris and Linda Twiname PDF
On-line, on-target and on-message Course evaluation enhancements at a regional university Reed Rob, Jo Miller and Jan Thomson PDF
Evaluation of student satisfaction using a mission-oriented approach Nachamma Sockalingam PDF



Vol. 8, No. 2 (December, 2011) - Conceiving the whole: the attributes of creative arts education today

 guest editorial

Conceiving the whole: the attributes of creative arts education today Steven Pace, Ian Gaskell and Donna Lee Brien PDF

 conceiving the whole: attributes of creative arts education

A whole new mind in human-computer interaction Steven Pace PDF
Systems thinking, disciplinarity and critical thinking in relation to creativity within contemporary arts and design education Carlos Montana-Hoyos and Fanny Lemaitre PDF
Transdisciplinary convergence in the performing arts Clive Graham PDF
Reciprocal and complementary knowledge conversion in a work integrated learning collaboration Ashley Holmes PDF
Oh brave new age: the rhetoric of holistic actor training Ian Gaskell PDF
Making meaning with narrative shapes: what arts-based research methods offer educational practitioners and researchers Alison (Ali) Black PDF
In the zone: An autoethnographic study exploring the links between flow and mindfulness for a piano accompanist Judith Brown PDF
Learning the "lessons of the arts": creativity, creative arts education and creative arts educators today Donna Lee Brien PDF



Vol. 8, No. 1 (October, 2011) - Wrestling, Wrangling & Reaping Technology

 guest editorial

Wrestling, wrangling and reaping technology: Exploring the complex interactions amongst people and technologies that support learning and teaching in higher education Dolene Rossi and Jo Luck PDF

 wrestling, wrangling and reaping

Academics Wrestling with the Dynamic Impact of Social Connectivity to Integrate Emerging Technologies into Higher Education Curricula Karl Matthews and Patrick Alan Danaher PDF
The potential of on-line lectures: Reaping the rewards of 'Third spaces' Jennifer Elsden-Clifton and Kathy Jordan PDF
Challenges and Opportunities for Academics Adopting an Online Peer Review Innovation Abdul Hafeez-Baig, Linda De George-Walker, Raj Gururajan and Patrick Danaher PDF
Wrestling and Wrangling with a Worrisome Wiki: An Account of Pedagogical Change in the use of a Web 2.0 technology in a First Year Education Course. Marta Kawka and Kevin Larkin PDF
Immersive virtual reality: potential use in an undergraduate nursing & midwifery programmes in Scotland. Stephen McGhee, P.J. Bradley and A.G. McComish PDF
Wresting wrangling and reaping: An exploration of educational practice and the transference of academic knowledge and skill in online learning contexts Dolene Rossi and Jo Luck PDF

 refereed articles

Quality language support services for all non-native speakers on campus! Lois N Spitzer PDF
Student perspective on electronic evaluation of teaching Shelley Kinash, Lauren Hives and Diana Knight PDF
Expectation versus Reality: Communicative Approach to EFL Teaching Abdu Moh'd Al-Mekhlafi and P. N. Ramani PDF



Vol. 7, No. 3 (December, 2010)


Editorial introduction Geoff Danaher and Phillipa Sturgess PDF

 regional university futures

Learning relationships in online contexts: An educational response to declining rates of participation and a means of support for undergraduate students Dolene M Rossi PDF
The Resonating World of the Regional Mind+Brain Terry S. Maybury PDF

 unthemed articles

People, pedagogy and the power of connection Alice M Brown and Shirley E Reushle PDF
Engaging 21st Century Learners: A Multidisciplinary, Multiliteracy Art-Museum Experience Arlene L. Barry PDF
Student-Based Instruction: More Than a Method Evan T Ortlieb PDF
Student success at university: Using early profiling and interventions to support learning Ken Purnell, Roslyn McCarthy and Mary McLeod PDF
Enhancing evaluation of a large scale civic education initiative with community-based focus groups Liliana Rodriguez-Campos, Michael J Berson, Aarti P. Bellara, Corina M. Owens and Connie Walker-Egea PDF
Online education perceptions of community college students entering a bachelors program: A two year study Phillip D Coleman and Ray J Blankenship PDF
The Comparative Effectiveness of Web-Based and Classroom Instruction: Student Demographics vs. Learning Outcomes Don J Altmyer and Sheng-Ping Yang PDF
Interactive electronic mathematics presentations for the classroom Colleen M Eddy, Barba Patton and Lei Ann Girndt PDF



Vol. 7, No. 2 (October, 2010) - Regional University Futures


Foreword - Regional University Futures Scott Bowman PDF
Regional University Futures Geoff Danaher and Phillipa Sturgess PDF

 refereed articles

Futureproofing Faculties of Education in Australian Regional Universities: Three Sites of Pressure and Possibility Nita Temmerman, Karen Noble and P.A. Danaher PDF
Collaborative development of a university presence in regional South Australia Julie M Watkinson, Bronwyn J Ellis and Janet Sawyer PDF
Creating stronger ties and engagements with secondary and primary schools: A way forward for regional universities Joy Penman PDF
Culturally responsive evaluation strategies for Indigenous teacher education students in remote communities of the Northern Territory of Australia Marguerite Maher PDF
Collaboration between higher education and the Economic Development Board: providing e-business opportunities for regional small businesses Janet K Sawyer and Nina Evans PDF
Higher Education in Northern Australia : the Impact of the Minerals Boom Philip Bell PDF
Curriculum responses within business programs to meet the needs of stakeholders in regional South Australia Janet K Sawyer and Bronwyn J Ellis PDF



Vol. 7, No. 1 (June, 2010) - Supporting Postgraduates
Editorial: Supporting Postgraduates Geoffrey Danaher and Phillipa Sturgess  
 refereed articles
Ringing the Changes: Mapping Networks of Support for Two Doctoral Students Mark A. Tyler and Patrick Alan Danaher PDF
 non-refereed articles
Scribbling in the margins: Negotiating the tensions and challenges of the regional research student Wendy Davis PDF
 unthemed articles
Adoption of a learning management system by polytechnic students: A case study in Singapore. Henry Ho and Helen Madden-Hallett PDF
Measuring Inquiry in Teacher Education Jane Devick Fry, Carol Klages and Amy Barnhill PDF
Designing and Implementing a Professional Writing Course for Pre-Service Teachers Maureen Alice Scane and Dan Doerger PDF
Personality or Pedagogy: Which personal characteristics are important for ESL teachers to possess and what role do they play compared to formal pedagogical training in ESL according to experienced ESL teachers? (part 2) Lois N Spitzer PDF



Vol. 6, No. 3 (December, 2009)
 refereed articles
Children's wonder-initiated research: a primary school case study Shelley A Kinash and Michelle Hoffman PDF
Using Likert Scales with images: Addressing validity concerns Laura Reynolds-Keefer, Robert Johnson, Tammiee Dickenson and Laura McFadden PDF
The Integration of Diverse Perspectives in Counseling Practice Adele Baruch-Runyon PDF
Toward Equal Rights for Women in Turkey: Nonformal Education and the Law Mary Ann Maslak PDF
A model for alternative assessment of students' problem solving processes: conceptual and experimental validation Rama Klavir and Malka Gorodetsky PDF
Personality or Pedagogy: Which personal characteristics are necessary for ESL teachers to possess and what role do they play compared to formal pedagogical training in ESL teaching? Lois N Spitzer PDF



Vol. 6, No. 2 (October, 2009) - Supporting Beginning Learners (2)
Supporting Beginning Learners in Higher Education (2) Phillipa Sturgess and Geoffrey Danaher PDF

 refereed articles
Transitions To First Year Engineering - Diversity As An Asset Lyn M Brodie and Mark A Porter PDF
Web-enhanced and on-line learning: A comparison of first year undergraduate nursing students' learning Trudy Ann Dwyer and Kerry Anne Reid-Searl PDF
Teaching Law to Non Law Students: The Use of Problem Solving Models in Legal Teaching Kristy Richardson, Jennifer Butler and Eric Holm PDF
How the product is shaped by the container: A learning ideology Patricia Kerslake PDF



Vol. 6, No. 1 (May, 2009) - Supporting Beginning Learners (1)
Supporting Beginning Learners in Higher Education (I) Phillipa Sturgess and Geoffrey Danaher PDF

 refereed articles
Student success: The identification and support of first year university students at risk of attrition. Karen J Nelson, Margot Duncan and John A Clarke PDF
Developing academic persistence in first year tertiary students: A case study Helen Eva Huntly and Jennifer Donovan PDF
Catching them is one thing, keeping them is something else. Reflections on teaching first year university students Shalene Werth, Kim Southey and Bernadette Lynch PDF
"All at Sea": an Activity Theory analysis of first year nursing students learning to write academic essays Wendy L Madsen PDF
Transitioning into university: 'Interrupted' first year students problem-solving their way into study Robyn Henderson, Karen Noble and Linda De George-Walker PDF
Learning approaches, personality and concepts of knowledge of first-year students: Mature-age versus school leaver Lorelle J Burton, Janet A Taylor, David G Dowling and Jill Lawrence PDF
We are, he is and I am: The adjustment accounts of two male Saudi Arabian nursing students at an Australian university Warren Midgley PDF
Relationships with peers enable 1st year students to negotiate and surmount social and educational challenges within virtual learning communities Dolene M Rossi PDF
I don't even know what her name is: considering the challenge of interaction during the first year Jacques van der Meer PDF



Vol. 5, No. 4 (November, 2008)
 refereed articles
An Innovative Math Program, Agile Mind: Effective? Mary Gorman, Michelle Stallone Brown and John R Slate PDF 
pp 1-10
Algebraic Thinking and Guess My Number Problems Estella P. De Los Santos and Barba Aldis Patton PDF 
pp 11-22
Teaching Thai as a foreign language using the Somatically-enhanced approach Felicia Z Zhang and Maliwan Buranapatana PDF 
pp 23-41
The use of a summary journal assignment to promote theory and practice integration in experientially based courses Adele Baruch-Runyon, Ju Y. Hong-Chittaphong and Christine Potaczala PDF 
pp 42-51
Between Dialectic, Eristic and Deconstruction: Of Socratic Methods and Higher Education in the 21st Century Raymond Aaron Younis PDF 
pp 52-62
An exploratory study of relationship marketing as a mechanism to connect with and keep university students Maria M Raciti PDF 
pp 63-77
Supervising Practice Based Research Geof W Hill PDF 
pp 78-87



Vol. 5, No. 3 (September, 2008) - The Ys, the Web and the Wherefores
The Ys, the Web and the Wherefores: Ongoing change within contemporary higher education Geoff Danaher and Phillipa Sturgess PDF 
pp i-ii

 refereed articles
Commencing undergraduates' self-efficacy and ability in finding academic resources: Are they improving? Beverley L. Oliver PDF 
pp 1-9
The influence of role models on the career aspirations of prospective tertiary students: A regional case study Steven Pace PDF 
pp 10-18
Tertiary educator identity: we know who we are Shelley A Kinash and Stephen J Hughes PDF 
pp 19-29
Web 2.0 Technologies: A Knowledge Gatekeeper Perspective in the Educational Environment Marilyn A. Wells and Phillip W.J. Brook PDF 
pp 30-44
Exploring the Educational Potential of Social Networking Sites: The Fine Line between Exploiting Opportunities and Unwelcome Imposition Henk J Huijser PDF 
pp 45-54
Beyond the classroom: the effect of institutional factors on scholarly teaching and learning innovations Janice Catterall PDF 
pp 55-66

 book/media reviews
Brabazon, T. (2007) The University of Google: Education in the [post] information age. Phillipa Sturgess PDF 
pp 67-68



Vol. 5, No. 2 (July, 2008) - Women in Research: Contemporary Issues in research (B)
Women in Research: Contemporary issues in research (Part B) Kylie Radel and Angela Dobele PDF 
pp i-ii

 refereed articles
Research and Nurses : Engaging the clinical based nurse in research activities Sandra Walker PDF 
pp 1-7
Art Nurses : Making an impact Judith Applegarth, Trudy Dwyer and Lorna Moxham PDF 
pp 8-14
Primary and Community Health Nurses: perception of evidence needed to demonstrate that their clinical practice meets the ANMC competencies. Sandra Walker and Shirley Godfrey PDF 
pp 15-24
The Relationship between the Theory of Planned Behaviour, Past Exercise Behaviour and Intention in Individuals Diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes Cally Davies PDF 
pp 25-32
"Calling it quits" : Dying with dementia Beres Joyner PDF 
pp 33-45
Medication administration and final year nursing students Kerry Reid-Searl, Lorna Moxham and Sandra Walker PDF 
pp 46-55
Resolving conflict in the application of principles guiding the withholding and withdrawal of life-sustaining measures Jennifer Butler PDF 
pp 56-69
Romancing the stone, from Cinderella to Waltzing Matilda:A Documentary Project exploring the Opal and Sapphire Industries along The Tropic of Capricorn Elizabeth Huf and Jeni Richardson PDF 
pp 70-77
Arresting Drama: The Television Police Genre Margaret Rogers PDF 
pp 78-84
The Strategic Management of Research: Using Academic's Views of Research as a Tool to Increase Research Productivity Sharon Kemp PDF



Vol. 5, No. 1 (April, 2008) - Women in Research: Contemporary Issues in research (A)
 guest editorial
Women in Research: Contemporary issues in research Kylie Radel and Angela Dobele PDF 
pp i-iii

 refereed articles
Finding a space to make an impact within the contemporary world Bronwyn Fredericks and Pamela Croft PDF 
pp 1-12
"How hard can it be?" Navigating our way through an ethical storm surge Vicki Pascoe and Kylie Radel PDF 
pp 13-23
Making an impact researching with Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples Bronwyn Fredericks PDF 
pp 24-33
Academic rejection: the coping strategies of women Tara Evans, Angela Dobele, Nicole Hartley and Ian Benton PDF 
pp 34-45
By the way"Self-confidence" the key to success? Geraldine Neal, Teresa Moore, Lorna Moxham, Debbie Owens and Kristy Richardson PDF 
pp 46-58
To hell and back: lives lived and the lessons we can all learn Angela Dobele, Jennifer O'Loughlin O'Loughlin and Lee-Anne Maher PDF 
pp 59-69
"Fitting in" in a "stand out" culture: an examination of the interplay of collectivist and individualist cultural frameworks in the Australian university classroom. Alison Owens PDF 
pp 70-80
The perceived ease of use of ibrainz technology in property law and taxation law Jennifer Butler and Kristy Richardson PDF 
pp 81-98



Vol. 4, No. 3 (December, 2007)


Editorial Introduction Geoff Danaher and Phillipa Sturgess PDF 
pp i-ii

 refereed articles
The Intercultural Dimension of Higher Education: Opening New Educational Pathways Miguel A Santos Rego and Maria del Mar Lorenzo Moledo PDF 
pp 1-14
Learner-centered instruction as a means to realize democratic education: The problems and restraints confronting learner-centered instruction in Turkey Kaya Yilmaz PDF 
pp 15-28
Studying at university: early perceptions and experiences of first year service mathematics students Janet Taylor and Alison Mander PDF 
pp 29-43
The Gateway to a learning community within the Bachelor of Nursing : Using Blackboard Course Management System Sonja R Cleary and Teresa Sander PDF 
pp 44-53
Instilling Resistance to Scarcity Advertisements Savia A Coutinho and Brad J. Sagarin PDF 
pp 54-66

 book/media reviews
Salinas, C. & Franquiz, M. E.. (Eds.) (2004). Scholars in the field: The challenges of migrant education. Phyllida Coombes, Patrick Alan Danaher and Emilio A. Anteliz PDF 
pp 67-68
O'Hanlon, C. & Holmes, P. (2004). The education of Gypsy and Traveller children: Towards inclusion and educational achievement. Patrick Alan Danaher, Emilio A. Anteliz and Phyllida Coombes PDF 
pp 69-70



Vol. 4, No. 2 (September, 2007) - Recruitment, Retention and Placement: Progressing the Knowledge Economy
 guest editorial
Guest editors' introduction to special theme issue: Retention, recruitment and placement Don Bowser, Jay Somasundaram and Patrick Alan Danaher PDF 
pp i-vi

 refereed articles
What attracts Mainland Chinese students to Australian higher education Moli Jasmine Yang PDF 
pp 1-12
Causes of Attrition in First Year Students in Capstone Courses and Recommendations for Intervention. Leone Hinton PDF 
pp 13-26
Student Learning Journey: Supporting student success through the Student Readiness Questionnaire Mary McKavanagh and Ken Purnell PDF 
pp 27-38
Making students AWARE: an online strategy for students given academic warning Janet A Taylor and Jill Lawrence PDF 
pp 39-52
Recognising the expectations of mature age students, their value-adding, and enhancing of retention rates: A case study Dale Trott PDF 
pp 53-64

 non-refereed articles
Push and pull factors affecting the retention of university students in a climate of civil war Daya J Somasundaram, Ratnajeevan Hoole and Arjuna J Somasundaram PDF 
pp 65-77

Enrollment Management, the External Environment and the Commitment of the Institution to Student Welfare: Outcomes of Rumination John M. Braxton PDF 
pp 78-83



Vol. 4, No. 1 (July, 2007) - Creativity and Play
 guest editorial
Guest editors' introduction to special themed edition: Creativity and play in the regions Jeannette Delamoir and Geoff Danaher PDF 
pp i-iii

 refereed articles
Play, creativity, and the regional university Jeannette Delamoir PDF 
pp 1-10
The region as performance space: A distinctive take on the creative industries Geoff Danaher PDF 
pp 11-19
Creativity: Not the economics, but the art, of living Sue North PDF 
pp 20-28
Facilitating futures in the creative industries: A study of regional Australian university writing students D.L. Brien PDF 
pp 29-40
The humanity of creativity: The transformative value of the imagination in setting up sites for new knowledge construction Donna Wright PDF 
pp 41-53
Unlocking creativity in tertiary students Mary McLeod, Roslyn McCarthy and Bradley McConachie PDF 
pp 54-66
Play and flow: Implications for online Steven Pace PDF 
pp 67-78
Living data in the Lower Balonne: Cultural enablement or cultural imposition? Janet McDonald PDF 
pp 79-90

 non-refereed articles
The waving torch draws unbelievable pictures Rhian Hinkley and Tessa Dwyer PDF 
pp 91-96



Vol. 3, No. 2 (November, 2006) - Reflective Practices
 guest editorial
Guest editors' introduction to special theme issue: Reflective practices Patrick Alan Danaher and Andre P Grace PDF

 refereed articles
Student-teachers' experiences of situated learning within the primary school classroom Stephanie White PDF
Design as a learning cycle: A conversational experience Nicolette Lee PDF
Facilitating reflection on assessment policies and practices: A planning framework for educative review of assessment Kerri-Lee Harris and Richard James PDF
Adapting to market conditions: plagiarism, cheating and strategies for cohort customisation Judy Nagy PDF
Criticality: Its reflective utility within a Technical and Further Education workplace context Mark A. Tyler PDF
Resistance to persuasion through inductive reasoning Savia A. Coutinho and Brad J. Sagarin PDF
A team approach to researching Australian traveller education: Three perspectives on integrating theory, method and writing Patrick Alan Danaher, Beverley Moriarty and Geoff Danaher PDF



Vol. 3, No. 1 (July, 2006) - Challenging Spaces
 guest editorial
Guest editors' introduction to special theme issue: Challenging spaces Geoff Danaher, Beverley Moriarty and Patrick Alan Danaher PDF 
pp i-iv

 refereed articles
Constructing "Thirdspaces": Migrant students and the visual arts Jennifer Elsden-Clifton PDF
Spatial engagement: The navigation of a novice teaching principal in a small rural community Simon Clarke and Elizabeth Stevens PDF
Extending the boundaries of institutional space: Regional campus initiatives Bronwyn Ellis and Joy Penman PDF
Challenging heterotopic space: A study of the Queensland School for Travelling Show Children Geoff Danaher, Beverley Moriarty and Patrick Alan Danaher PDF

Engaging with Challenging Spaces Jen Webb PDF



Vol. 2, No. 3 (December, 2005) - Special theme issue: Retaining attrition?
 guest editorial
Guest editors' introduction to special theme issue: Retaining attrition? Jay Somasundaram, Don Bowser and Patrick Alan Danaher PDF 
pp i-vi

 refereed articles
Ensuring student success - the role of support services in improving the quality of the student learning experience Deborah Peach PDF 
pp 1-15
Re-conceptualising attrition and retention: integrating theoretical. research and student perspectives Jill Lawrence PDF 
pp 16-33
The costs and benefits of student retention for students, institutions and governments Ormond Simpson PDF 
pp 34-43
Getting them thinking: The role of the student questionnaire in promoting academic and social integration Muriel Strahm and Geoff Danaher PDF 
pp 44-54
Serious thoughts about dropping out in first year: Trends, patterns and implications for higher education Kerri-Lee Krause PDF 
pp 55-68
Student attrition before and after modifications in distance course delivery Karen Gallie PDF 
pp 69-76
Attrition in Japanese language learning at Central Queensland University Carol Ann Ferguson and Peter Grainger PDF 
pp 77-88

Reflections on retention and persistence: Institutional actions on behalf of student persistence Vincent Tinto PDF 
pp 88-96

 book/media reviews
Seidman, A. (Ed.). (2005). College student retention: Formula for student success Don Bowser PDF 
pp 97-98



Vol. 2, No. 2 (September, 2005) - Special Theme Issue - Learning from Change (Part 2)
 guest editorial
Telling our stories: An editorial introduction Phillipa Sturgess and Fons Nouwens PDF 
pp i-ii
Balancing teaching and research in higher education Jose Botella PDF 
pp iii-iv

 refereed articles
Authentic tasks in e-learning designs Jan Herrington PDF 
pp 1-8
Reflections on Practice: Course Development & Online Teaching Dolene Rossi and Leone Hinton PDF 
pp 9-19
Promoting The Student Practicum: A CD Rom For Nursing Preceptors Kerry Mrs Reid-Searl and Lorna Moxham PDF 
pp 20-28
From overhead projectors to microwave links: A personal journey of learning and teaching using an educational technology Jo Luck PDF 
pp 29-38
'The Psychiatric Consumer': the use of student stories to inform course development Julie A Bradshaw and Lorna Moxham PDF 
pp 39-48
The role of referencing policy and advice in supporting undergraduate learners Jane M Cleal PDF 
pp 49-55

 book/media reviews
Review of Chris Derrington and Sally Kendall, Gypsy Traveller Students in Secondary Schools: Culture, Identity and Achievement Emilio A Anteliz, Phyllida Coombes and Patrick Alan Danaher PDF 
pp 56-58



Vol. 2, No. 1 (July, 2005) - Special Theme Issue - Learning from Change (Part 1)
 guest editorial
Learning from change: An editorial introduction Phillipa Sturgess, Fons Nouwens, Jillian Litster and Leone Hinton PDF 
pp i-iii

 refereed articles
But is it scholarship? Group reflection as a scholarly activity Ann-Marie Priest and Phillipa Sturgess PDF 
pp 1-9
CAMPUS - Computer-Based Training in Medicine as part of a Problem-oriented Educational Strategy Sebastian Garde, Matthias Bauch, Martin Haag, Jorn Heid, Soren Huwendiek, Franz Ruderich, Reiner Singer and Franz Josef Leven PDF 
pp 10-19
Student use of an online learning environment: Comparisons of group usage within a first year Health Communications course Danielle Helbers, Dolene M Rossi and Leone Hinton PDF 
pp 20-33
The Stories That Documents Tell: Changing Technology Options from Blackboard, Webfuse and the Content Management System at Central Queensland University P.A. Danaher, Jo Luck and Jeanne McConachie PDF 
pp 34-43

 non-refereed articles
Stories As Perspectives and Interests:Approaches and Issues in Conceptualising Student Attrition and Retention at Central Queensland University Don Bowser, Patrick Danaher and Jay Somasundaram PDF 
pp 44-51



Vol. 1, No. 2 (November, 2004) - Best practice in University learning and teaching: Learning from our challenges (Part 2)
 refereed articles
An assessment strategy to help forestall plagiarism problems Ingrid Kennedy PDF 
pp 1-8
Can students improve performance by clicking more? Engaging students through online delivery Jenny Kofoed PDF 
pp 9-18
Challenging enterprises and subcultures: Interrogating "best practice" in Central Queensland University's course management systems Jo Luck, David Jones, Jeanne McConachie and P. A. Danaher PDF 
pp 19-31
Managing learner interactivity: A precursor to knowledge exchange Ken Purnell, Jim Callan, Greg Whymark and Anna Gralton PDF 
pp 32-44
Medication mathematics competency for bachelor of nursing students: Results and challenges of a first year screening test Teresa Sander and Sonja Cleary PDF 
pp 45-52
DE Mentor: The challenge of supporting distance learners Phillipa Sturgess and Mark Kennedy PDF 
pp 53-60
Online learning predicates teamwork: Collaboration underscores student engagement Greg Whymark, Jim Callan and Ken Purnell PDF 
pp 61-71

A milestone in the maturation of the scholarship of teaching and learning: The inauguration of a new journal Moya L. Andrews PDF 
pp 72-76



Vol. 1, No. 1 (October, 2004) - Best practice in University learning and teaching: Learning from our challenges (Part 1)
The director's cut: The Central Queensland University teaching and learning showcase and studies in learning, evaluation, innovation and development Jeanne McConachie PDF 
pp i-ii

 guest editorial
'Best practice' and 'challenges' in university teaching and learning: An editorial introduction and a contextual framework Scot Aldred, Leone Hinton and Patrick Danaher PDF 
pp 1-7

 refereed articles
Re-entry to nursing: Student focus in the competence assessment service program Jenny Anastasi PDF 
pp 8-15
Moving towards excellence: Creating a teaching framework that challenges musicians to a pursuit of excellence Judith E Brown PDF 
pp 16-23
The development and use of background mathematics materials needed by students for engineering programs at Central Queensland University Antony Dekkers PDF 
pp 24-31
Paradigm shift: From traditional to online education Karren Gallie and Darren Joubert PDF 
pp 32-36
Plagiarism: Learning from our challenges Leone Hinton PDF 
pp 37-46
The conceptualisation of e-learning: Lessons and implications David Jones PDF 
pp 47-55
The challenge of flexible and non-traditional learning and teaching methods: Best practice in every situation? Jo Kehoe, Beth Tennent and Karen Windeknecht PDF 
pp 56-63